This is a BIG news for those iPhone 3G/3GS users awaiting unlock solution for iPhone running OS 3.1.3. Musclenerd, a member from iPhone Dev team, has revealed on Twitter that the unlock solution for iPhone 3.1.3 (with baseband 05.12.01) will be available after the release of iPhone OS 4.0.

The new version of iPhone is expected to release in coming June. So, it’s just a few more weeks before the debut of the unlock solution.

This is not an official announcement from the iPhone Dev team but it’s revealed during a conversation with @EmmanueGT on Twitter:

As of now, iPhone OS 3.1.3 is the latest version of iPhone OS. If you are using iPhone 2G, you are safe to upgrade the latest version and bootneuter should be able to handle the unlock. However, if you’re owner of iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 3.1.3 comes with a new baseband version of 05.12.01. Presently, there is no unlock solution to tackle this baseband. So, please stay away from OS 3.1.3 and stick with the older version (say, 3.1.2).

via Simonblog