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    Default Question about Jailbreaking?

    I jailbroke my Iphone 3G 3.1.3 with redsn0w a few months back. I see all these other jailbreaking softwares. Are they all different and do different things?
    Do I need to re jailbreak my phone with one of the others?
    I am having some issues with Cydia and wondered if it was my redsn0w that was causing the problems.
    Do I have to re jailbreak it after I upgrade my OS?


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    Default Re: Question about Jailbreaking?

    First thing , never upgrade or restore your iPhone with official Apple firmware via iTunes - always use custom restore ipsw (firmware).

    All jailbreak tools do basically same thing, only method is diferent.

    Your problem with Cydia is not caused with redsn0w , it must be some app or source you installed.

    If you upgrade your OS via iTunes you will lose your jailbreak , and you will have to jailbreak it again , but as I said never upgrade your iPhone via iTunes , always upgrade with custom ipsw.

    And dont forget to save your SHSH blobs on Cydia read this guide , its important if you ever want to downgrade your OS and to be able to jailbreak your iPhone again. read this , very important , dont miss link to Saurik's blog


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