Hello Everyone. I am the owner of Green Monkey Games, LLC and I am finally this app that I have been working on for months. Please take a look at it and any, I mean ANY feedback is greatly appreciated.
See the Doodle….Draw the Doodle…. Become a doodle master!! Draw the image that just disappeared without lifting your finger! Play in Classic mode for casual gameplay by progressing through 1000 exciting levels, collecting stars, achievements, boosts and talents along the way. If you are looking for a challenge.. play Arcade Mode!!, where you only have one attempt to clear as many levels as you can… or else…Game Over!! Rely on boosts like Image Trace and your talents like Coin Multiplier for help. And don’t forget about the extra 600+ bonus level packs waiting to be unlocked! Boosts:
- Use Thumbtacks… you’re going to need them!
- Use Fast Forwards, to skip earlier levels in the game!
- Use Image Trace if you need… just a little help!
- Use Level Skip if you just cant doodle it on your own. Talents:
- Coin Multiplier
- Extra Drawing Time
- Free Thumbtacks
- And Much More!

Itunes Link:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ditt...8638?ls=1&mt=8Below is a short youtube link of some gameplay, if you are interested. Thanks!