Hello guys, Im Reinaldo, SeedFields developer. SeedFields was just realeased at appstore. Follow the game description. Hope you like the game.

SeedFields description
SeedFields is a simple yet incredibly addictive game. You won´t stop to play it till the end.
On SeedFields you fill the fields just touching them. You have four colours in maximum to use and the fields can not have the same colour of their neighbours.
Two fields, two colours, two touches. Isn´t easy? and if you get twenty fields using just four colours where each field can not have the same colour of the neighbours? Welcome to the game!
"Oh, and one more thing" .
I am pretty sure you will be able to fill all the fields using the four colours and get a good smile at the end. Ok.

and using less than four?

Discover it for yourself! Play SeedFields! An amazing, singular and new kind of puzzle game on iPhone platform!

Features in this version:
- 50 levels that will challenge you.
- Great learning curve.
- Amazing and exclusive images.
- A really wonderful music. Thanks Tchaikovsky!
- Autodetect Sound System. Play your own iPod music!

appstore link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/seedfields/id363625782?mt=8

thanks, JReinaldo.