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    Revolt  -  Game preview

    Default Revolt - Game preview



    8 Story Levels and 20 Survival Arenas - Spend hours battling across a multitude of varying locations in your quest to stop the machines. Survival Mode features random enemy and random map selection so you'll never play the same game twice!

    15 Weapons - 5 different weapon types all with unique properties and abilities. Use your Rifle to run and gun, throw Grenades over barriers, lay down suppressing fire with your Heavy MG, or send rockets and missiles directly into the enemy with your Launcher weapons.

    8 Unique Enemy Types - Each enemy has their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors with different weapon types working better against different enemies.

    Purchase-able Upgrades - Use the scrap and technology from destroyed enemies to create and upgrade your weapons and armor.

    Advanced Gameplay - Fast paced, strategic gameplay! Use obstacles to take cover behind or out maneuver your enemy, manage your ammo and grenade supply across your weapon types, coordinate your weapon reloads so you aren't left high and dry, and use dive rolling to dodge fire and blasts.

    Destructible Environments - Deny your enemies a place to hide, or use the environments explosive properties to your advatage, almost every object in the game can be destroyed with enough firepower. Leave the battlefield a smoking crater field in your wake!

    3 Difficulty Modes - A game for every level of ability.

    Kickass 3d Graphics - Sharp 3d environments and beautifully animated characters are punctuated with intense visual special effects.

    Killer Music and Sound Effects - Professional sound track creates an eerie atmospheric mood setting with hard hitting sound effects that drive home the on screen action!

    High Score Leaderboard - Try to get the best score on the block!

    More info at official site:

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    Default Re: Revolt - Game preview

    Nice , like it


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