It's very similar to Farmville
More importantly, it's FREE


Featuring two different systems of play that go hand-in-hand, Zombie Farm presents you with a challenge to literally grow an army by planting them in the ground and waiting until they're ripe for the harvest. Once you have enough units, you must strive to raid the enemy farm with your legion of zombies. Choose from fifteen different zombies to plant or even combine your crops with zombies to add bizarre zombie-plant mutants to your army. In stark contrast, you can just as easily play the game by planting your favorite fruits and veggies and fill your farm with peace loving garden-type zombies. Watch as these benevolent undead darlings help fertilize your crops so you get the most from your harvest.

Features of the game include:
- Plow, plant, and harvest farm fresh veggies and fruits
- Plant corpses and harvest zombies to raise your army
- Customize you farmer, and watch him toil about your farm
- Enjoy watching your zombies wander around your farm
- Behold bizarre zombie mutations as you plant corpse and crops
- 15 different zombies of different shapes and sizes
- Pester Old' McDonnell next door by invading his barn
- Upgrade your farm's size
- Connect to Facebook to publish your farming exploits
- Invite your Facebook friends and share the zombie farming experience
- Hours and hours of gameplay
- So funky and fetidly fantastic, you'll keep farming for more foul festering friends
- Its FREE!