From intomobile

Remember the i.TV iPhone application that offers free TV listings, trailers, movie information and more? We told you the update is coming and it’s here.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the updated version adds such things as:

* TiVo control - after linking your i.TV with TiVo account, users can browse i.TV to discover media and send remote recording instructions to a broadband connected TiVo DVR from wherever they are. Additional features include the capability to determine the frequency, quality and priority of a requested recording.
* Streaming TV episodes and other videos - i.TV now includes a selection of full-length TV shows, previews, movie trailers, fan videos and other related media like YouTube.
* Movie ticket purchasing - through
* Upcoming movies - trailers and show cards for movies coming to theaters within the next several months.
* i.TV Wallet - the idea here is to securely store payment options for business transacted via i.TV, such as movie ticket purchases. This could also mean that more premium services will be added in the future. We’re guessing/hopping…

The i.TV remains free and you can grab it from here.
thought some of our iphone reader wanted to know about this =)