God of Defence is a castle defense title from MGame Mobile that aims to shake up the usual formula but has unfortunately failed miserably in their goal.</p>

Instead of developing your own army to defend against waves of invading skeleton warriors, players use a different tactic in God of Defence. The backstory isnt exactly clear-I am not sure who, precisely, I am defending-apparently the defending fortress lacks an army and that is it. Its obviously the developers didnt put any thought into the story or by giving the Players a reason to actually be playing their game. Some players might not mind this issue but I find it extremely annoying. Anyways Players manipulate the giant hand of this warrior god to wreak havoc on the enemy via three different elemental skills and a variety of items and special attacks.</p>

This universe seems to revolve around the elements of fire, ice, and plasma, and those elements form the basis for both your basic skills and your special weapons. Plasma, incidentally, is of the lightening variety, not the blood variety. While youll start out with just fire, you can purchase ice and plasma attacking "gloves" early on with the in-game currency you earn in the first stages, and switching elements of attack is handled by tapping their respective buttons beside the attack button. *The problem is that the in-game currency is expensive and basically makes me buy items from the very beginning that made me hate the game from the start. At least give us more playing time before we deciding on spending money.</p>

Its obvious the developers here are greedy and it really turned me off about the game. But once you start the game a target that floats to the upper right of the hand lets you focus your abilities with ease, and since accuracy plays a role in your scoring (and therefore your rewards) for each level, make use of it. *Moving on the battlefield is handled differently, depending on whether it's a vertical or horizontal movement-tilt to move right and left, touch and slide to move up and down. The use of the iPhones gyroscope is more of an annoyance than intuition. Its bothersome and I wish I could just switch it off.</p>

God of Defence is both simpler and more challenging than other tower defense games. *Its simpler in that theres a little less thinking on the run yet its more challenging in terms of controls and planning. *Developing one character instead of an army means that if your strategy is flawed, you're going to have to spend more time making up your mistakes by earning more blood to make the appropriate upgrades. The sad thing is that you will be making mistakes early on in the game and will be forced to buy the in-game items. I really hate this because the developers made the game too difficult. In addition, you cant upgrade or purchase items during combat, so its best to be as prepared as possible, and blood isnt all that easy to come by on the battlefield.</p>

The game's graphics arent terribly advanced, but they get the job done. So far, the enemy soldiers I've encountered have been skeletal, of a variety of classes, easily identified by their gear. *Various attacks are nicely animated according to the element they correspond with, mowing the bad guys down in a satisfying way but God of Defences flawed controls and in-game currency mode really ruined the game.</p>
God of Defence is in the App Store now for free (iTunes Link).
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