One of the biggest and most expected events in the coming *months is the launch of the new iPad which most news outlets have been speculating about for months now.

There are running all kinds of rumors about the new iPad, but some of the more likely to be true are:
• It could be named iPad 2S (not iPad 3 as all people are expecting).
• It could be a mini iPad with a screen of 7 or 8 inches.
• Its front camera could have 1.3 MP, and the back one 8 MP (which was the biggest complaint of the owners of iPad 2, because the camera quality wasn't the greatest).
• There could be an 4G/LTE version.
• It might have a retina display.
• It might have Siri, or some form of it.
• And the last one: It could be cheaper than the older.
Anyway, all of this is pure speculation at this point, *and the only thing that looks clear is that Apple is keeping anticipation high which converts to high sales when the device is finally launched. With a rumoured March announcement, it may only be a few more weeks of waiting until we get the official details of Apple's next device.
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