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    Default iPhone 4 jailbreaked by Geohot

    here is his comment:

    "Got one of these in the mail today and figured I'd give it a shot.

    As far as a release goes, it probably won't happen from me. limera1n is little more than a raindrop on a website; it was never mentioned by me previous to this post. pwned4life is a complete invention of some blogger in a basement somewhere. When I said pwned for life, I was referring to the original iPhone, 3G, and Touch; which of course are, by the aptly named PwnageTool.

    Again, please don't ask for release dates. Every person that does makes me want to release a little bit less. "


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    Default Re: iPhone 4 jailbreaked by Geohot

    he's a *****. don't ask him let him keep it for himself. can't care less if it comes from that **** with overgrown ego or few months later from someone else. WHAT A *****!! I know he don't owe us anything and it's his right to keep it. but what ***** you have to be to say "I got it but won't give it to anyone else but i'll still tell you because I know now you'll keep asking for it, but the more you ask the less chance I'll release it" What? Boycott that *********

    (*link removed, flagged as potentially malicious. Invalid username)


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