Video description: Using the iPhone 3GS and my laser pico projector the ShowWX from Microvision, my entire house has become the stage for completely immersive reality gaming in the palm of my hand. One key feature with the ShowWX is that it remains in focus no matter what distance I project. The lasers also scan at such a high rate that the projection never blurs or lags when I move suddenly. At this time, the only way to project games out of the 3GS is to jailbreak it and install an app to do this (I'm using TVOut2 v1.0.9). Unfortunately, I can't find many games which incorporate iPhone's digital compass, but Sky Siege works great! For some reason the 3rd generation iPod Touch does not have the digital compass like its iPhone counterpart. After playing this, I can't wait for someone to develop a mobile gaming device with an embedded projector, compass, and accelerometers... or maybe Apple could just put a projector in their phone. BTW, you don't need to jailbreak an iphone to play videos or photos with the ShowWX.

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