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    Default Video: Hulu Plus app for iPhone and iPad

    Heres a demo of Hulu Plus for iPhone and iPad (Showing off 3G and WiFi streaming). Some shows have full season availability and all shows resume where you left off from any other device or your computer. Hulu Plus is a free download from the AppStore, but requires a $10 monthly subscription to use it.

    <a href="">

    [Read the original blog post]

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    Default Re: Video: Hulu Plus app for iPhone and iPad

    hmm, nice try, Hulu. personally, I love hulu TV very much.
    paying $10 a month for HD streaming, not costing, the more is iPhone and iPad support, but more episodes maybe not so good, nobody would like to pay for the ads, I think.
    Well, actually Im considering to put movies on my iPad with my summer vocation, I ran across this article (*link removed, flagged as potentially malicious. Invalid username) give me the good idea.


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