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    Default A few iPhone questions!

    Hello guys,
    My friends i plane to upgrade my iphone 3Gs from software V.3.1.2 to NEW one iSO 4 but i would like to ask you some questions, don't warry it's not EXAM

    1- is the multitasking option consume more Battary power? this in case the Applications in multitasking leave it open without EXIT Right or Not?? or it's consume the power in general eigther the Apps open or close? what do u think??

    2- it's need to make BACK UP to my phone book Names & numbers or it will remain & not erase from my phone? what about Apps e.g, Notes, Calander & etc.. in case i make back up to iTune it will save my memo & notes inside these Apps or i will lose it ?

    3- Does the all Apps run on this new software iSO 4 or only some Apps which are Compitible with this system? i wounder about that because i notice when i download or update some Apps it's written in Description or requirments about that?

    4- Does the NEW software iSo 4 Accpet all Apps (in general) ??

    Pls. reply me as soon as possible!!

    Thank u

    *title modified*


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    Default Re: Give me your opinion ??

    Multitasking will consume more battere if apps are not closed , before upgrade make backup if you want to keep: contacts , notes etc. etc. , but its beter to set your phone as new when upgrading ( battery will last more...) , if previously jailbroken its recomended to set tour phone as new, you can always backup your phone manually,,12763.0.html

    Apps should work on iOS 4 but they need to be updated from developers for full support ( moultitasking for ex.) , same goes for jailbroken apps and tweaks , most of them still dont work on iOS4.


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