Google Inc. blasted Apple Inc.'s new rules for its iPhone and iPad operating system, saying the changes would prohibit application developers from using Google's advertising technology on the devices. Apple's new terms, posted to developers on Monday, target companies with competitive mobile technologies, such as Google, as well as any company whose primary business is not serving mobile ads, said Omar Hamoui, founder of Google's recently acquired AdMob mobile advertising unit.

Apple's terms hurt both large and small developers by severely limiting their choice of how best to make money, Hamoui said. And because advertising funds a huge number of free and low cost apps, these terms are bad for consumers as well, he added.
"This change is not in the best interests of users or developers," Hamoui said in a blog post (Apple didn't return respond to requests for comment.)
Earlier this year, Apple unveiled an upgrade to the iPhone operating system that included its new advertising network, dubbed iAd. Billed as a more elegant alternative to current advertising options, Apple said applications developers for its mobile platforms would benefit from the choice. U.S. regulators agreed, clearing Google to buy rival mobile advertising firm AdMob in May for $750 million, and noting that Apple's entry into the market would provide sufficient competition.
However, Apple's terms appear to exclude competing networks, like AdMob, from collecting critical information about the devices to which their ads are served.
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