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    Default Introducing the Mi-hub Home Entertainment Stands by IES

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    Integrated Entertainment Systems Limited today announced the availability of its Quantum and Opus mi-hub stands for pure home entertaiment pleasure. Crammed with functionality, both units which can hold up to a 60” screen boast a built in 1080p HDMI upscaling DVD player, iPod dock, radio, clock and a set of speakers that deliver cinema quality sound.
    Available in two styles, the mi-hub integrates your TV into its sound system to become the ideal home companion. The Quantum and the Opus stands are available in black or white to match, or contrast, with your TV set and home décor to become one of this year’s ‘must have’ home entertainment units.

    Available directly from these brand new entertainment stands are available from £399.99 to £459.99. Simply connect mi-hub to your TV via the audio left and right output at the rear of the TV. All other accessories, i.e. satellite receiver, game consoles and more can then utilise the audio features built into the stand. This allows you to enjoy sound through the speaker arrangement and Dolby system making obsolete the TV’s own speakers. It even has MP3 playback via a 3.5mm universal connector and a Karaoke function through two microphone sockets. mi-hub has the added benefit of allowing you to view pictures, music or videos on your TV via the SD/MMC card slot or USB port. Divx and Xvid file formats are also supported. With sound output assisted by subwoofers and a wide range of EQ mode settings, the units can be audio and visually customised to suit your viewing and listening mood with the use of the remote control.
    “mi-hub was born out of a need to simplify, tidy and reduce the entertainment units I had attached to my TV set. By creating a TV stand with multi-function capabilites I could save space and reduce the visual cable clutter. The Quantum and the Opus house great technology, practical usability and are stylish to suit everyones home,” said Ian Jukes, MD IES. “These units provide a great basis to build and enhance future TV stands. mi-hub is looking forward to adding further technical specs to future units and becoming a leading provider of stylish, functional home audio furniture pieces for many years.”
    Full specifications are:
    · HD up scaling DVD Player also compatible with: CD/ DVD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/WMA/VCD/JPEG/DIVX/MPEG4
    * Supports USB and CARD audio playing and picture viewing
    * Pll radio function, AM/FM can pre-store 40 channels
    * Docking station compatible with most iPods* and iPhones*
    * 3.5mm auxiliary audio inlet for MP3, phone etc
    * Built-in Dolby digital AC-3 surround sound decoder
    * Composite video, S-video, Y,Cb,Cr video Output
    * Digital coaxial, HDMI, Scart, Optical audio output
    * Multi-lingual OSD settings
    * Various EQ mode selections
    * Karaoke function with two microphone ports
    * Standby clock setting function
    * VFD Multi-function display
    * Intelligent upgrade, parental control and automatic screen protection function
    * Full function infrared remote control
    * 2.1 1 track power output
    For more information about the Quantum and Opus mi-hub stands please visit
    [Thx Peter]
    <a href="">

    [Read the original blog post]

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    Default Re: Introducing the Mi-hub Home Entertainment Stands by IES

    this one looks like a killer


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