So what is PwnTunes? Its a new way to sync your Music & More without the use of iTunes! As we all know there are many many different MP3 players out there but the Apple iPod Touch & iPhone have dominated the market as the best media player around! But even though we all love the device, many of us hate the restrictive iTunes system lockdown on our music and files. Your tied down to syncing your device with only your home PC or you run the risk of losing everything on your iPhone or Touch.
Why cant you just plug it into any PC as you can do with just about every other mp3 player in the world!?
With PwnTunes Its as easy as plugging your sync cable into your Windows PC.
Then its as simple as browsing your file explorer to copy your files from your iPhone/Touch to your PC. or you can drag items from the PC to your iPhone/Touch!
drag, drop & go!
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