The Re NK100 IR Accessory and Re Universal Remote Control App combine to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control that can work in any room of your home. Away from home, the Re and your iPhone or iPod give you the power to mute the loud TV nobody is watching, or change channels in the break room when the office remote is lost. There are no limits to the number of locations that you can use your Re. There is no need for WiFi, so plug your Re into your iPhone or iPod touch and personalize control of your AV entertainment everywhere.<ul>[*]Features typically found only on High-End Dedicated Universal Remotes[*]Easy to Setup and Fun to Use[*]Works Everywhere – Take it from Room to Room and to the Office[*]Remotes for all of your Devices are Instantly Accessible[*]Supports Virtually all Brands & Types of AV Equipment[*]No Batteries, No Extra Boxes, No WiFi Required[*]Upgradable – It Won’t Become Obsolete[*]Replaces Lost or Broken Remotes[/list]
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