This is a video of the technology demonstrator "iphone moject" - which is essentially an iphone with interactive laser projection games and apps. The game app you see in the video was developed to showcase the potential of these technologies. You can find out more at
What is Moject?
Moject stands for Mobile Motion Projection, a patented technology and system developed by Dave&Adie that enables devices to interact with projected content.
Imagine a world where the edges of your computer monitor or mobile screen are no longer the limit to your software, it can be present everywhere you need it, every wall, every surface is your software environment. You can recycle your keyboard and mouse aswell because you wont be needing them in this new world!
We call the technology Moject and we have created this site so you can see the exclusive global preview of this technology in action.
What devices can be Moject enabled?
Almost any device can benefit from integrating Moject technology but primarily products such as,<ul>[*]Handheld Consoles[*]Games Consoles[*]PC Desktop & laptops[*]Mobile Phones[*]Portable Media Player[/list]
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