Gravity clock for the iPhone and iPod Touch visualizes the passage of time by the permanent destruction and reconstruction of the clock-face. Every second the hand breaks numbers out of the dial and lets them drop to the floor where they get buried by the following numbers and eventually wither away to make room for the endless succession of time.
Features:<ul>[*]realistic gravity/physics simulation, numbers fall as if they were real objects[*]digital and analog mode[*]in analog mode: every minute the minutes drop, every 15 minutes a quarter of the seconds fall and finally at noon and midnight all seconds drop.[*]in digital mode: when the time changes the old numbers are dropped[*]in digital mode: 24h and 12h hour mode[*]prevents iPhone or iPod touch from sleeping[*]universal app supports iPhone/iPod touch AND iPad (in native resolution)[*]looks perfect in an iPhone/iPad-dock.[/list]
<blockquote>Name: Gravity Clock |┬* Download from:┬* App Store |┬* Price: 1$</blockquote>
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