Apple has seeded developers of its iPhone Developer Program with the second beta version of iPhone OS 3.2 (build 10M2135).

Based on initial reports it looks like the latest beta version of iPhone OS 3.2 SDK fixes some bugs and allows developers to upgrade their existing iPhone target to a Universal application that supports both iPhone and iPad.

FIXED: Changing an iPhone Executable's working directory from "Build Products directory" may cause the application not to install properly with the error message "The Info.plist for application at (null) specifies a CFBundleExecutable of (null), which does not exist."

FIXED: In iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 1, Xcode's Transition feature did not work correctly if the SDK was installed in a location other than /Developer. In beta 2, the feature will work properly with the SDK installed in any location on your system.

FIXED: In iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 1, some users saw the message "A signed resource has been added, modified or deleted…" when rebuilding their projects. This has been fixed for beta 2.

Also, that there was some kind of testing bug with apps created in SDK 3.2 and running on iPhone 3.1.3, which SDK 3.2 Beta 2 fixes. So, minor stuff.

After the first beta version of iPhone OS 3.2 SDK was released, it was speculated that it could include support for video calling and limited multitasking.

Popular iPhone jailbreakers chpwn and Ryan Petrich had also revealed that hacking into the iPad simulator had given them indications of support to a slew of interesting features such as file downloads, SMS support, comprehensive spell checker and handwriting keyboard in iPhone OS 3.2 SDK for the iPad.