Famous pinballs from the Gameprom company are coming to Mac! More gorgeous, more vivid, more realistic!

The Pinball - this game will change you conception of pinball on Mac. Each table is a masterpiece, every part of it is a separate mechanism and you will be stunned by the level of realism, when you will see how it all works together.
Features: * 3 full-fledged pinball tables with unique graphics, instructions, missions system and characters: WILD WEST, THE DEEP, JUNGLE STYLE * 3D-engine that maxes out your Macs capabilities * camera effects * realistic physics and sounds * unique soundtrack * stereo-mode (stereo glasses required) * local and global high score tables * Pinball Remote technology support

Pinball Remote - its your iPhone/iPod Touch device with Pinball Remote app on board to take control The Pinball via wi-fi connection.
Features: * free Wild West table (!) * ability to buy new pinball tables * full control of the game: start, pause, restart, flipper controls, table tilting, camera controls * built-in Help for pinball tables * local and global high score tables * turning on the stereoscopic mode (stereo glasses required)