Source: MacRumors

Apple has detailed some recent changes they have made to their MobileMe web apps. A partial list of changes and improvements are listed here:

- Searching for contacts in a large address book (more than 1000 contacts) is faster and no longer results in a "slow script" browser alert message
- Exported vCards with multi-line addresses or notes can now be imported into the Mac OS X Address Book
- Adds keyboard shortcut to create a new contact
- Adds sorting of To Do items by calendar or title
- Family Member accounts now display the accurate renewal/expiration date
- Resolves an issue that prevented some members from using an activation key (MobileMe box) to renew a subscription
- "Keep me logged in for two weeks" checkbox now works reliably

Apple has said that they will be providing regular updates to the MobileMe service that occur transparently to the end user. MobileMe is the online mail, calender, contact and sync services available to Mac or PC users.