QuickLauncher is a revolutionary launcher for your jailbroken iPhone / iPod Touch, it automatically learns what are your most used apps, and shows you a SpringBoard-like view of them, accessible from anywhere via a selected shortcut.
Features<ul>[*]A launcher which can be be activated from anywhere.[*]Automatically learns what your most used apps are and sorts the list accordingly.[*]SpringBoard style layout allows you to easily see information like badges and backgrounder status.[*]A configurable shortcut on how to start the launcher.[*]Easy to use, no configuration needed.[*]Launch your most used apps from any other app without going through SpringBoard itself.[/list]Need help jailbreaking your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad? Check out this these guides<blockquote>Name: QuickLauncher | Download from: Cydia, via bogboss repo | Price: 2$</blockquote>
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