Google has officially released its Sync services for iPhone. The service brings MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange-like features to its Gmail contacts and Google Calendar. Essentially the service is a two-way push for contacts and appointments. iPhone users now can sync their Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar events to their lovely device. Just visit to get started.

Here is what Google has to say:

For iPhone and Windows Mobile devices, Google Sync allows you to get your Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar events to your phone. Once you set up Sync on your phone, it will automatically begin synchronizing your address book and calendar in the background, over-the-air, so you can attend to other tasks. Sync uses push technology so any changes or additions to your calendar or contacts are reflected on your device in minutes. The connection is always on so you don’t have to manually sync your phone after Sync has been set up. This means that when your colleague changes the time of the TPS report cover sheets meeting, you’ll know about it right away.