Rainbow Rally is our first app, please check it out and we would love feedback. Keep in mind it is meant to be simple, but difficult and therefore addicting.

Game Modes:

Free Move

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In the regular game mode, you slide your finger up and down to move your player along the y-axis. The objective is to catch the balls that match your rectangular players color. When you catch a ball, your score increases by 1 and your player changes color. Each time you catch a ball, the speed the balls are moving increases and it grows increasingly impossible. This is what leads to the addictive nature of the game as players try to beat their high scores, as well as friends high scores. Also, there are two power-ups: x2 and slow-mo. Obviously, x2 makes each ball worth two points for a period of time, and slow-mo slows the balls for a period of time.

There are also two other game modes called "multiple" where there are multiple rectangular players that move together when you slide your finger. The other mode is free move where you can move the player on the x-axis and y-axis rather than just the y-axis.


Thank you for checking it out!