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    Default Watchdog takes on Apple!

    This was on watchdog last night
    Just in case this happens to you make sure you ask for your phone to be opened infront of you to prove if it is water damage!

    WATCHDOG, the consumer champion, has taken on the Iphone, the consumer crack cocaine.

    The Iphone has got the attention of Anne Robinson and friends because of its use of water damage indicators - a liquid contact indicator - on its outside. While most handsets have such indicators on the inside, since this is where moisture really does do damage, Apple in all its wisdom, sticks one on the headphone jack and one in the charger socket. It also has three inside the handset, but apparently never bothers to check them.

    According to Watchdog (Iplayer link), when some users took faulty Iphones back to the Apple store they were told that since these indicators had turned red the phone was water damaged and thus fell outside warranty. Users would have to buy a new Iphone, they said, or we suspect take their broken one and hurl it through a window.

    Watchdog spoke with some of these disgruntled users, who explained that they had never taken their Iphones swimming, nor used them in the shower or dropped them in a puddle. This does not seem to bother Apple store staff though, who the returnees said had taken one quick look at the litmus-like indicator, shrugged their shoulders and pointed them in the direction of the sales staff.

    Unlike Apple, Watchdog took the backs off the Iphones and found that none of the internal indicators showed red. Worse than this, its hired engineers said, they found no evidence that they had been removed before, meaning that a quick glance at the outside was enough for Apple's store staff to wash their hands of faltering handsets.

    Cementing this suggestion in secret filming, one worker told a Watchdog reporter that they never took the backs off the handsets to check internal indicators because they would "never get it sitting right". Whatever that means.

    Watchdog took to the streets and asked fifteen Iphone users to check their handsets for the rotten red core of death and found three had them. The users were predictably shocked about the whole warranty thing. But disappointingly none thrashed the phone with a stick live on telly.

    The television show suggested that merely a damp palm could release an Iphone from its warranty, but in response Apple made some wooly comment about always checking its Iphones.

    We suggest that if you have such an indicator gone red and a faulty phone you should arm yourself with the facts and apply antiperspirant to your palms before heading back to the shop.

    And make Apple's staff "geniuses" check the Iphone's internal indicators before letting them even think of telling you it's rubbish and that's somehow your fault

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    Default Re: Watchdog takes on Apple!

    This is the iPad Forum, iPhone Forum is up there ^^^


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