In the past few days we have heard a lot about the Xbox Smart Glass and what it can do. But if you really wanted to actually see what it did you had to either watch 6 tiny clips of the presentation by Microsoft themselves or the whole 1/2 hour event. Well no more...</p>

Here is a ten minute demo of all of the features of "smart glass". *While it is very cool technology right now I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg of what this could be used for. * Right now the feature I like the most is the using your phone as a touchpad for the internet.(about the 6:30 mark) *If I am not working on stories for the site and just surfing the web it would be nice to do it on comfortably my couch with only my phone and TV.</p>

I can't wait to see were Microsoft goes with technology... I feel this will be a real game changer in a few years and you will see other gaming systems trying to follow suite.</p> *VIA