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    Default Holy Fast-charging batteries, Batman!

    <div></div><div><div>New innovations on battery technology may have batteries fully charged in just 15 minutes and it lasts an entire week on a single charge.

    Dr Harold Kung and his team at Northwestern labs are experimenting on the new tech that
    boosts charging rates of lithium ions *by using a chemical oxidation process which drills millions of holes - just 20-40 nanometers wide - in the atom-thick sheets of graphene which makes up a good portion of lithium-ion battery construction. Unfortunately, this prototype battery lifecycle begins to decline quickly after about 150 charges, which is estimated to last a full year before needing to be replaced.</div><div>
    Dr. Kung says the tech may be ready for market in 5 years. Lets hope by then theyll figure out how to increase the overall life of this new innovation.


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    Default Re: Holey fast-charging batteries, Batman!

    This il make sence for 3g users

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    Default Re: Holy Fast-charging batteries, Batman!

    Five years

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    Default Re: Holy Fast-charging batteries, Batman!

    What does a mobile phone battery have to do with Computers & Hardware Discussion ?
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