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    Default Nokia EVP Niklas Savander - Twitter conversation roundup

    Nokia EVP and Head of Sales and Marketing, Niklas Savander, sat down for an hour and answered questions on his new Twitter account (@NiklasatNokia). Afterwards, he chatted with Chris Morse (@chrismorse4) from Nokia Communications North America about his experience.

    <h3>The Burning Questions: Products</h3>@markguim I wish Nokia’s time between product announcement and actual launch was much shorter
    @NiklasatNokia I agree a long delta between launch and shipment is not helping anyone
    @ozozdil Mr. Niklas this question is very important, when is the exact release date for Nokia N8? I have been waiting for 2 months..
    @NiklasatNokia there is no change of what we have been saying – end of Q3
    @twittison When exactly you will bring 1st MeeGo? Plz answer.
    @NiklasatNokia a major product milestone by the end of the year.
    <h3>No Nokia Android</h3>
    Anssi Vanjoki said last month that Nokia won’t be using Android. But the rumours continued. Savander is having none of it.
    @diogonev why does Nokia refuse to use Android? It has the hype, good press and devs Nokia needs so bad!
    @NiklasatNokia our platform choices (symbian and meego) gives us the best opp to deliver value and of course qt will play key role
    @NiklasatNokia AMEN! RT @LessThanDoug Android is not the ans. We need Symbian to be cleaned up and given more power and better UI, now though
    <h3>Nokia in North America</h3>
    Perhaps it’s the nature of Twitter, but Nokia’s position and strategy in North America attracted its fair share of comment.
    @palmsolo Nokia used to be known in US as freebie network phones. How do you change this perception without broad carrier support?
    @NiklasatNokia one step at a time – 1st steps visible Nuron at @TmobileUSA w turn-by-turn nav, operator billing w store and more!
    @FErNE3 Tmobile Verizon At&t all have Nokia phones will we ever see you guys team up with Sprint?
    @NiklasatNokia We have no plans at this time
    @karimyaghmour: NA market is very different beast from ROW. How does Nokia plan to get in a leadership position? Where does Meego fit?
    @NiklasatNokia lots of NA questions we will address in a bit
    <h3>And further afield</h3>
    The US hosted this event, so they got their choice of its time. But other regions are by no means forgotten.
    @AroundBrother hey here is S.korea and 2:00 AM!! because Q&A with you, I&my friend continue to ask about nokia’s support in s.korea.
    @NiklasatNokia thanks for the message at 2 am – I will follow you and DM me to cont conversation
    This perception that Symbian is some sort of niche OS has to end, Savander reckons, and with good reason. [NB: Symbian announced yesterday that it ships more than three smartphones every second.]
    @chayanin What’s plan with the existing S60 users? We feel like a minority in smartphone world now
    @NiklasatNokia as an S60 user – you are in fact in the biggest smartphone user group with 41% share
    @Sleipne Do you plan to communicate on #symbian brand name like Google do it with #Android ? Customers don’t know about it @NiklasatNokia Hey @symbian – do you want to take this question?
    <h3>For Developers</h3>
    The conversation attracted a number of developers. The first interchange below came in response to the question: what do you want most from a mobile phone?
    @netcrack2k a fast and reliable OS that I can develop for! Symbian is slow (at the latest after 1y of usage) and developer-hostile!
    ?@NiklasatNokia Qt will give you the tools to develop and allow u to address both symbian and meego devices
    @janole To attract more developers, could the OviStore waive all own revenues (-fees) for some period of time? Unrealistic?
    ?@NiklasatNokia 1.7M downloads a day in Ovi Store (75% apps) we are creating better dialogue w devs & operators to address this
    <h3>Social Media</h3>
    Will Nokia continue to engage with social media, both as a company and on it’s devices? (Yes)
    @janole: I really hope @NiklasatNokia will continue to tweet after today’s Q&A session….
    @NiklasatNokia Yes – I intend to continue this conversation – but I will challenge my colleagues to do this as well
    @markguim impressed that @niklasatnokia is selecting to answer the hard questions
    @stuartdredge hey Niklas, hope you’re enjoying Twitter! What do you think of social location apps: check-ins, Foursquare etc?
    @NiklasatNokia future of mobile Internet is location driven – we r in mile 1 of marathon & in front of the pack #navteq<h3>And Also</h3>@JamesAFry: What phone do you use? E71? N97? Blackberry?
    @NiklasatNokia I’m rockin’ a @Nokia N8 prototype and I LOVE IT!
    @NiklasatNokia THANKS! This is only the first hour – more to come. We are listening and learning! #niklas#nokia

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    Default Re: Nokia EVP Niklas Savander - Twitter conversation roundup

    Phat, you HAVE to get a new Nokia pic
    This has gone beyond a joke :P

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    Default Re: Nokia EVP Niklas Savander - Twitter conversation roundup

    What happened to the conversation??


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