Friday 14 May 2010 saw the culmination of the NokiaNav challenge.┬* Several of us with 'Golden Tickets' were met at Richmond Station for the challenge to begin and taken to Richmond Park to start the events.┬* We were each issued with a bluetooth headset BH-804 and a Nokia E72 and required to follow a route for the next challenge. On reaching our destination we were introduced to our new mode of transport - electric bicycle's.┬* Quickly getting on, we cycled to our meet-up and on arriving in the middle of the park, we were met with our next mode of transport - The Cars.┬*┬* The Maserati, Porsche 911 Carrera, BMW M3, Aston Martin DB9 v12 and an Audi and the inclusion of the Nokia CK-200 car kits with free Ovi Maps navigation .┬* Needless to say we enjoyed our drive in comfort to Richmond Hill Hotel where we were greeted and had a lovely time talking, networking and being introduced to Nokia personnel and some of the Nokia equipment used in our trials today.
There are rather a lot of pictures, so I have only posted a few here and this link will take you to the full flickr range of images.┬* Oh, by the way, I was the lucky one who got to ride in the Masarati.┬* in addition, I am trialling the Nokia BH-905 so will bring you a review in a few days.
Thank you to WOMWorld/Nokia, in particular Katie, Nokia and all the guests and new friends that made it such an enjoyable evening.
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