A courier turned up at my house today with a brown envelope. My first thought was that it was a supoena, then I realised, I haven't done anything wrong, why would I be supoenaed? As the courier wanted confirmation of my name three times before he handed me the envelope, I could only concede it was very bad news. Imagine my suprise to find it is some sort of 'golden ticket' involving the Nokia/Nav challenge. If you don't know anything about NokiaNav check out the quick resume below.

You would have to be living in a dark tunnel in the middle of nowhere to not have heard about the NokiaNav challenge.Â* Several bloggers received a mysterious package which contained a cassette with a 'Mission Impossible' dialogue.
Further information given was the involvement of five bloggers in the NokiaNav challenge and that they were to receive a special delivery. They are:
@TheProdigalFool at The Prodigal Guide@nechbi at Nechbi.com@itsnoel at Vagoc@macintosh at Mostly This@stobbsc at Nomads Nirvana
The mysterious deliveries turned out to be... nothing less than five glorious sports cars.
The Sports Cars are the Maserati, Porsche 911 Carrera, BMW M3, Aston Martin DB9 v12 and an Audi and the inclusion of the Nokia CK-200 car kits with free Ovi Maps navigation.
The 'boys' and their 'toys' have been given several challenges today with more to come. Friday sees the culmination of events with a WOMWorldNokia meet-up.
Keep an eye on this blog to catch more updates as they come.
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