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Thread: N96 game

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    Default N96 game

    Hello everyone,

    I wish to download some free mobile games onto N96...could anybody advice me where do I find free games?
    Or any link to the application will help a lot.

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    Default Re: N96 game

    u can search in s60v3 games section for some freeware ...
    dont ask for warez over here . its against forum rules or else u will get banned

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    Default Re: N96 game

    u cld get ur games from any torrent website, just search for n-gage games.. but thats not gonna be the issue, the problem u'll most likely face is the hacking routine
    hackin the n96 is a complex, a very very complex, thing to do .. u'll need 2 download a helloox then get it signed (Symbian Certified) then after installing it u'll have 2 install an n-gage installer v.1.10 & get a demo patch

    >> then most likely u are done good luck

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    Default Re: N96 game

    hey ..we dont encourage discussions on cracked ngage games here..
    its against forum rules
    Ignoring the rules will get you banned


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