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Bullshit. Number of colours on screen has NOTHING to do with screen brightness. Difference of brightness in those photos is caused by difference in the screen type and backlight. Also you should remember that OLED screen pixels emit their own light so OLED screen does not need backlight, TFT screen needs backlight.

Eg. I did own both Nokia N95 and Nokia 5800 XPressMusic (I sold my N95 couple of weeks ago). Both N95 and 5800 XM do have screen with 16M colours, but 5800 XM's screen is MUCH brighter than' N95's screen. When I looked at those two phones side by side, then difference in screen brightness was big, similar to difference in those photos on the first page.

Just try this on your desktop computer:

1) set your screen mode to eg. 1280x1024 24 bit (24 bit screen has 16M colours)
2) set your screen mode to eg. 1280x1024 16 bit (16bit screen has 65k colours)

Now compare those two screen modes. Do you see any difference in the screen brightness? No you do not. Exactly same applies to mobile phones. Number of colours on screen has NOTHING to do with screen brightness.
Hog wash, your N95 is how many years old? dont compare its brigthness with your several months old 58? Your N95 has already burned out some of its illuminance. Whats the point of comparing the two anyway?
what's with the "B*llsh*t" ?
Theres really no need to talk harsh and dirty you know.

... compare 24 and 16bits? without any layer of color shades?
... surely there'll be no diff

now lets try this analogy:
you have 2 LCD's, 1 can only display 3 shades of grey, 1 being the darker shade and the last the brightest
LCD2 can display 8 shades
shade1---(shade2)--- shade3---shade4---shade5---shade6---shade7--shade8

of the two screens which do you think (shade2) would look dimmer?
LCD2 it is because LCD1 cannot display some of the missing shade thats in between shade1 to shade8 of LCD2, so it will get the best nearest selection which is half of the total screen brightness.

the sample pics on the first page were from 2 different phone units, and that, i say should be pointed out. it would have been better if the poster compare the 2 pics in the same phone screen. the topic title only says 256 and 16M but does not say that its on different phone screens