Mobile phone networks have had enough of the ‘craze for apps’ and wants a slice of the Apple and Google success! Apps and AppStores are proving an enormous incentive for consumers, creating increased traffic for the networks but with little increase to revenues.

London is to be the ‘fighting’ ring as the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), take on the mighty arm of the expanding Apple and Google empire. The WAC, was created following the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. Orange, O2 and Vodafone alongside others, will work on the implementation of downloadable apps, which work on a single platform. The apps will work on a wide range of phones and across all their networks. The operators are set to announce this week, its headquarters in London, and the merge of the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMPT). The OMTP represents AT&T, Telecom Italia, Nokia, Ericsson and Orange. The platform technology is understood to be based on the Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) partnership between China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone network, Wireless of the US, Vodafone, Softbank in Japan and Verizon. In addition, it is supported by LG, Samsung, Sharp and most crucially Research In Motion – the manufacturer of the Blackberry. The company hopes to have ammunition for application developers by the end of the year.