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I'm interested in the N900. It will run Garnet natively so I can use my Palm apps that I like and would need in some cases. I'm just wondering how long Nokia will support it? And how do Palm apps look on N900? Exactly what is multi-touch? Does that mean anywhere on the screen? Or just one area?
How good is the wifi? I get out of carrier's range, so would need a phone app on wifi. How about text? Blazing speed doesn't interest me since I don't do movies or games. Where is a list of apps for N900? I have a whole list of reference books I would like to put on a memory card, but the ebooks have apps for Android, Iphone, WinMo and now even BB. A lot of the ebooks are not available in PDF.
As you said, ebooks are readily available on android. And, the n900 can easily dual boot with maemo and android. So, you can run almost all android apps on the n900, including ebooks. As for support from nokia, nokia is hardly releasing updates for their non-n8-and-c7-crap-phones now, but it doesn't matter. All the relevant and useful updates and tweaks for the n900 were made by users, not nokia. Like the mms enabler, for example.
Multi-touch means the phone recognises if you touch two points at the same time, everywhere on the screen. The n900 doesn't have this. This is by far the only real weakness of the n900.