For those of you out there who love to play with the latest mobile OS but don't want to fully commit to buying a device just for it, your day has come. * *The Geeksphone Revolution is here. This device will boot up Android but can also run the Firefox OS. * This seems to be the perfect way to get a taste of the yet unproven OS yet still have the proven prowess of Android.

The Geeksphone Revolution device will cost you around $305USD and will grab you some decent mid range specs for your money.

<ul>[*]4.7-inch qHD (540x960) iPS display[*] *8 megapixel camera[*]1.3 megapixels on the front. Chipset-wise[*] *1.6GHz dual core processor[*] *1GB of RAM[*] *4GB of storage[*] *MicroSD * slot[/list]</p>

Even though the specs aren't great you really aren't buying this device for specs are you? * Here's hoping this concept goes further into other operating systems; a dual boot Android/Sailfish or Android/Windows Phone device would get my interest and my money. * How about you? What OS's would your perfect dual boot device run?