Juniper Research, a Mobile analyst firm says Samsung is currently shifting more smartphones than Apple. It's been estimated that almost 60% of the 139 million smartphones shipped worldwide in the first quarter of this year were either Apple (35.1 million) or Samsung (46.9 million) devices.

Even though Samsung has a stronger hand in handset sales they are lagging behind Apple in terms of turning a profit and making cash.
According to Juniper Research Analyst Daniel Ashdown, "Apple's revenues from its 'mobile division' continues to remain significantly higher than Samsung's, even when you take into account the latter's featurephones". Apple's iPhone revenue was $22.7 billion in Q1 ($29.3 billion including the iPad), compared with Samsung's KRW18.9 trillion (~$17.0 billion) from its entire mobile division. While flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note contribute substantial unit volumes, the company's rise to top spot is evidence of the smartphone's entry into mass market price points with products like the Galaxy Y.
Juniper Research says that smartphone sales will almost double over the next five years, from nearly 600 million this year to 1.1 billion by 2017.
How do Apple do it? If you know their secrets please share them in the comments.