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Frozen Bubble is a popular free puzzle game, ported to almost all platform. User controls a small canon, shooting bubbles and tries to hit other bubbles so to create groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Whenever this is accomplished these bubbles go away. The purpose of the game is to eliminate all bubbles from stage.

New functions added to Elias Konstantinidi version.

* Accelerometer: Use accelerometer sensor to play and to set settings:
"Twist" your phone left and right and press a key (or touch screen) to launch the bubble.

* Dynamic volume and balance: Change music behaviour according to phone position.
There is 2 options:
o Volume: The more you rotate your phone, the more volume will be less.
o Balance: Stereo balance change according to phone positions (better with earphone ).

You can set you own music by putting a file called fbtwisted.mp3 in c:\Data\Others

* BackLight: Dynamically change backlight intensitivity according to numbers of bubbles explosed.

* Vibration: The more you explosed bubbles, the more vibration duration will be high.
You have to enable vibration on your phone settings and unplug usb cable to get this option working.

* Touch Screen: This version is partially ported to S60 5th edition platform, with touch screen and high resolution.
To simulate OK key, touch the game screen.
To simulate Up and Down keys, touch the arrows.
To simulate left and right menu softkeys, touch the pinguins.

A version fully compatible with touch screen and with a whole new design is at work. If you like the game, please donate to the developer for this free game

Download the S60v5 version from here

Download the S60v3 version from here

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