Nokia Friend View just got updated! Friend View is a social location and micro-blogging service that helps you keep up with your close friends. With Friend View, it is fun to share what you do and feel, and you can easily do this from home, work, or on the go!

Note: Nokia Friend View is an experimental research project by Nokia Research Center, published through Nokia Beta Labs.

<blockquote>Whats new:

Now you can keep Friend View in the background in “Normal” or “Active” modes (options: Refresh Mode) and a “pling-plung” from Friend View will tell you that your friend is close by so you can meet. You will of course get alerted as well if Friend View is in use in foreground.

Depending on where you live or travel, on your schedule and mood, you can adjust the Friend alerts’ meeting zone (options: More: Settings - Friend Alerts & Meeting zone) to define how close your friends should be to get alerted.

We also did small enhancements and bug fixings.</blockquote>

Download the application from here

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