Operators' refusal to allow the use of Skype over 3G networks has sparked uproar across the globe. The voice over internet service was added a week ago to the iPhone in the form of an application, allowing users to make free calls to other Skype users.

In the UK, O2 has restricted the use of the Skype application to calls made through the Wi-Fi connections.

AT&T in the United States has banned the use of the application on 3G networks. Meanwhile T-Mobile Germany has completely banned the application.

According to the Financial Times, the Free Press, a net neutrality advocacy organisation, on Friday asked the US Federal Communications Commission to investigate whether AT&T was violating US guidelines by preventing the application from running on its 3G network.

The Voice on the Net coalition (Von), which includes Google, Microsoft and Intel, called on European regulators to ensure that consumers could access and run smartphone applications of their choosing on any public network.

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