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You have a modern, Java compatible mobile phone and wouldn't it be handy if you could use your mobile to plot functions or use as an advanced scientific calculator? Well, GraphViewer is a graphical calculator that you can download and install on your mobile phone. With GraphViewer you can plot equations using the build-in functions, calculate its derivate, show a table with the functions critical points and even many more features.


* The solutions (null points) of an equation will be shown
* The first and second derivate can be shown
* Show the integral of a function
* You can calculate the local minima and maxima of the function
* You can calculate the function inflection points
* The intersection points of the different equations are calculated and can be shown
* You can interactively evaluate the functions at their critical points
* You can show a function table with the function coordinates at its critical points
(So the null points, minima, maxima, inflection points... are automatically calculated)
* Build-in samples show the possibilities of all functions
* Calculate any function point up to 12 decimals.
* Multiple functions can be plotted in different colors at once
* In the settings you can set the internal precision, so you can choose between low precision (fast) or high precision (slow), depending on the speed of your mobile.
* You can save your equations and add them to the samples library of the Graph Viewer.

Download the application from our forum

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