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    Default Nokia introduces Point & Find

    Nokia has introduced a service that enables people on the move to access information and services on the internet by pointing their mobile phone camera at real-life objects. A beta version of Point & Find, which focuses on movies, is now available in the UK and US. It will later expand into other services and countries.

    Nokia Point & Find general manager, Philipp Schloter, said: ‘With Nokia Point & Find, businesses are able to target engaging experiences and calls-to-action to consumers.

    ‘We believe that this first Nokia Point & Find-based service for movies will add something special to the cinema experience. Simply by pointing their camera phone at a poster for a new movie, people can watch the trailer, read reviews, and find the closest cinema where it is playing.’

    Ponit & Find is an open service platform that will also allow other companies to build customised experiences for customers. The manufacturer is now inviting businesses, content providers and agencies to discuss how the Nokia Point & Find service could help them with specific applications, campaigns or promotional activities.

    The platform uses advanced real time image processing and recognition technologies to link the user to digital content and services. It also recognises bar codes, integrates GPS positioning technology, and supports category-specific text entry search.

    Get the app from here

    <a href="">

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    Default Re: Nokia introduces Point & Find

    That's nice...
    Is it the application from a guy how won a concours last year? (If I remember good, he won the concours with this idea...)

    Is it 5800 compatible? Did not test, but seems not.


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