Skype has released an application for iPhones that will allow users to make free phone calls over the internet. The application can be downloaded from today (31 March). The service, which works over Wi-Fi, will be free between Skype users and calls to other landlines and mobiles will cost less than normal network rates. The service will also be available on millions of BlackBerrys in May. Skype has already announced Skype on Nokia phones, and handsets that run on the Android or Windows Mobile operating systems.

Operators have blocked other voice-over-internet services that run on mobiles in the past. However, it is understood that O2 has accepted the application, as it runs over Wi-Fi so does not interfere with its 3G network.

An O2 spokeswoman said: ‘Skype is the developer for this application and we understand they have designed this to work solely over Wi-Fi. We have not blocked the application and if it is available in the App Store, it will be available to our customers.'

She added: ‘We do not block access to voice over IP services on our network. Our unlimited data packages are designed to allow customers to browse the web and access data services such as email without worrying about a cost per megabyte.

'To offer the best possible experience to all customers, and as part of our excessive usage policy, we prohibit continuous streaming of any audio/video content, Voice over IP, P2P and file sharing services, which adversely impact on the overall customer experience.'

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