The Skyfire team released the Skyfire 2.1 web browser for the iPhone today. Skyfire 2.1 improves coverage for many video sites and introduces new features to make the browsing experience better.
In addition, Skyfire 2.1 will roll out in more countries worldwide. Beyond the US and Canada, Skyfire 2.1 is available in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. More countries will follow soon.
Whats new in 2.1:<ul>[*] Twitter Quickview: Allows you to quickly peek into your Twitter stream while browsing. This is similar to the existing Facebook Quickview feature.[*] Extended sharing: Now share not just via Email and Facebook but to Twitter, GReader, Instapaper, Pinboard, Read It Later and Tumblr as well.[*] Open in new tab: Touch-and-hold a link to open it in a new tab. This also helps by force-loading a page with a video to allow you to view it.[/list]Enhancements in 2.1:<ul>[*] Improved Video coverage! We've improved site coverage for sites that require a log-in as well as for sites supporting HTML5. Check out your favorite site in ‘Desktop mode.[*]Better cookie support: Sites will work more reliably.[*] Simpler Mobile/Desktop page switching: When switching Skyfire will reload the original page without having to re-type the URL.[*] Better Bookmarking: Simpler bookmark management including editing, renaming, creating, etc.[/list]Known Issues:<ul>[*] HTTP Authentication and untrusted HTTPs certificates not supported (working on it)[*] Some sites show strange rendering behavior in Desktop mode (example: Switch to mobile or change the device orientation to landscape[*] Some web sites outside the US do not allow streaming to our US based servers and can therefore not be supported.[/list]