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    Default Symbian Game: MooLan

    The Moolan mobile game is the phenomenal result of the idea to combine as many features of a modern cell phone as possible in one application. It uses most of the new sensors which are built into your mobile device, as well as the front camera.

    The main Goal of this exciting game is to stay clear of land and fly your own little space shuttle trough dangerous levels. Over four different planets are ready to be explored. But it's not easy at all. Master this under time pressure, and break the highscore without crashing into the surroundings.

    Steer with the accelerometer by tilting your phone left or right, fuel your tank through shaking your phone. Accelerate by holding your palm over the new proximity sensor of the Nokia 5800 (S60 5th Ed) or the front camera (S60 3rd Ed). You can play wherever you are and whenever you want, but don't be surprised by the wondering faces around you while watching you playing.

    Moolan has been selected as the winner of the Forum Nokia Mobile Games University Competition 2009!

    Download the application from our forum
    <a href="">

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    Default Re: Symbian Game: MooLan

    This is such a smart Idea

    Im playing it now

    Great Game

    Nice find Phat


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