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T-Mobile today launches Instant Email, a new way for consumers to access email direct from their mobile phone. Costing just £3.50 a month, T-Mobile customers can now have fast access to their personal email, like Google Mail and Hotmail, without being tied to a computer. To mark the launch, customers can trial the service free of charge for a month and then move on to a rolling monthly booster, without a long term contract.

Printing out last minute ticket confirmations or invitations becomes a thing of the past as your inbox becomes truly mobile with this new service. Instant Email means messages are sent straight to the phone and customers are alerted when new emails arrive, with no need to log on to the internet. It also provides complete access to up to five email accounts, ensuring that everyone can be kept in the loop, whether they're going out for a drink or catching a flight.

Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet and Entertainment at T-Mobile, said Mobile email is nothing new for business customers, but we think everyone should have easy access to their inbox on the phone of their choice. All our customers want to be up to date and involved with what's going on, whether they be buying a house or organising a holiday with friends, and receiving and sending emails straight to your phone just makes life a little easier. For only £3.50 a month Instant Email allows people to see emails as they arrive without the hassle of logging on or going online. 

Available initially on a selection of Nokia devices, with more phones coming soon, the service allows up to five email accounts to be added, and separated into different inboxes. The service can back up and update phone numbers, email addresses and calendar to the phone, making sure that customers need never be late again and contacting people is made easier.

The monthly fee of £3.50 covers all the email and associated attachments. There are no extra charges if they exceed the fair use policy and when going abroad the service becomes ˜opt-in', meaning that customers will have to choose to have it switched on overseas.
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