phIRC is considered as beta as many things are missing I'd like it to have. At the moment phirc supports just basic irc commands. More to come
[*]native Symbian (not Java) application
[*]font face and size selection
[*]supports multiple irc server connections
[*]switchable normal/full view
[*]multiple channel and query windows
[*]different charset (UTF8, UCS-2, KOI8-R, Latin1, etc.) support
[*]server settings manager[/list]

Some bugs
with certain font sizes last line may not fully be visible
lines beginning with / are sent to server as such

Press middle soft key to change from input box to window and vice versa. When window is active press right to scroll windows (channels). Up and down to scroll text. Press 1 or 7 to go top/bottom and 3 or 9 to scroll line by line.

Download the application from here
<a href="http://www.dailymobile.net/2009/03/09/symbian-phirc-irc-client-for-s60v2-s60v3-and-s60v5/">

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