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    Default Apples iPhone 4 antenna troubleshooting procedures - WTF!!

    The folks at BGR has got their hands on a document on how the Apple Store employees should deal with the iPhone 4 reception fiasco. Why dont Apple just admit that they really screwed this one up? This is what the Apple Store will tell you about your iPhone 4 reception issues
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    <a href="’s-iphone-4-antenna-troubleshooting-procedures-wtf/">

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    Default Re: Apples iPhone 4 antenna troubleshooting procedures - WTF!!


    I just called AT&T and told them they have sold me a defective piece (I really had signal problems at a location yesterday). Cust care rep then asked me to "hold the phone in a way as to not touch both metal sides" WTF!!!! How should I hold the phone? Pinch it between the screen and back? I told AT&T i cannot make calls that way, and am returning the phone to them. They asked me to wait for tomorrow's apple press conf. and also waived off my $36 activation fee as a courtesy and to retain me... Later the cust care connected me to APPLE tech support....

    The Apple tech support told me to hold the phone in RIGHT HAND ONLY, avoid touching lower left side of phone and wait for update that will be released soon. I told them that I am downloading v4.1 as I was speaking to the representative .. he was shocked to learn that

    Anyways i told the rep that I prefer holding phone in left hand. Also, if apple does not announce recall tomorrow I will return the device and go buy a droid! poor guy could not give me any more info on recall...

    so lets see how it goes tomorrow...


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