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[*]An updated version of the moving ball script in python, but this time it's in 3d Shocked Shocked
[*]draw your own 1D/2D/3D enviroment
[*]configure how hard the ball should fall & bounce or come back
[*]change the floor's color from red to invisible
[*]change ballsize with joypad
[*]key 1 - 6 for changing from 1 to 3D
[*]key 7 & * for changing gravity
[*]key 8 & 0 for changing bounce effect
[*]key 9 & # for changing friction[/list]
it needs python 1.45 & evilracer ultramodulepack to function properly

Included are axyz 102 selfsigned & miso 1.95 selfsigned but installing these didn't make it work for me. It only works (for me) when i install UltraPyModulePack 3.0.2 by eViLRaCeR. All credits go to Mitch_s60.

Download the application from here
<a href="http://www.dailymobile.net/2009/03/04/symbian-accelerated-ball-1d-2d-3d/">

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