<blockquote>Flurry is FREE, incredibly easy to use, and sign-up is quick and straight-forward. Flurry successfully figured out how to turn an average, every-day mobile phone into a smartphone! You can keep track of multiple email accounts and easily import all your contacts so they're easy to access and secure in case you lose your handset. The user interface is designed to deliver a rich experience on low-end phones as well as the most sophisticated smart phones. Users can read and share their favorite news, blogs, and RSS feeds. Photo sharing from your phone to an email address is quick and easy. Flurry's technology keeps your data charges low, allows you to easily search for mail and news, and offers users the option to set message notification filters that alert you via SMS. They have even developed features for MySpace users that allow them to constantly stay connected to their MySpace community from their phone.</blockquote>
Download the application from here
<a href="http://www.dailymobile.net/2009/03/02/flurry-j2me-mobile-email-and-news-feed-reader/">

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